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Can't confirm telephone number [Solved]



any way to resolve this?


I used virtual keyboard, it worked.


Check this out:


I have the same problem. My China phone number can’t confirm


@g_qzhang Contact customer support they will help you out in this.


First at all
I tried a lot of methods,and I contacted customer service too.
AND they told me

_“ Use Chrome (Clear Cache & Cookies)_*

_ Wait 6 hours before trying again._*

_ Make sure your country code and area code are correct._*

_ Make sure your phone number is accurate._*

_ Try a different number._*

_ Please make sure to use PC/Mac to enter the code, and not a mobile browser."_*

but,I can’t Verify phone number,either


Have you verified your phone number when you created the account.


Try latter, use another brows as CS suggested you.


yes , I verified my phone number when i created the account.
my chinese firend can’t verify his phone number either.
but he can verify his usa phone number.I have not anyother country phone number

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