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Can't connect to fiverr, Amazon


Since last night I can’t get on the fiverr site nor the Amazon site.

I’m still getting messages and notifications of messages in my google email from fiverr so I know the site is up.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

There are many other sites I can’t connect to. I can connect to Youtube, Facebook, Google and Overstock and a few others.

I have two internet providers and one isn’t even working at all.

I’ve restarted my modem several times. I’ve never experienced this before.

No idea right now why this is happening or what to do about it. Can someone tell me that support URL that is not on fiverr? I can’t reach support either on fiverr.

I had installed Epic browser and looked at fiverr with that but would that cause this?
I can get on Yahoo. No idea what to do.

I can’t connect to fiverr on my phone either.


I haven’t experienced anything similar before. Did you contact your internet service provider?

I could find this URL only:


I got my backup internet service provider working at least whew. It must be my main
service, a problem with that or maybe the modem?

Yes trying to get my service provider now. Thx.

Strange to only get some sites but not others!


I guess the problem is service provider. Have you tried diagnostic network errors?
If you can’t access to any site, the problem might be with the modem.


I can access a lot of big sites, not Amazon or Fiverr. The network diagnostics says its the modem but I’ve rebooted a dozen times now. Never had it happen where I can get some sites but not others.


I am not a Tech but I know Fiverr is running or hosted by Amazon servers.
My thought would be it’s a provider issue.


Yes it may be something about Amazon servers, so scary. My backup service provider is metered and over phone lines so it gets expensive.

outages: never know how accurate these maps are


I have just checked and you are showing as online.


It’s back! I guess it was a temporary outage. When deadlines to deliver are looming it is a little bit of a panic.


Scary indeed, so many services rely on AWS (Amazon Web Services) now and when there’s a problem, like half of the internet goes down.
Anyone remember the last bigger Fiverr outage last year? That was because of AWS too and Fiverr was aware of the outage, of course.
IIRC, that big issue back then was outed as caused by a tech’s typo…

I had a customer placing an order during that, it got stuck, he cancelled and reordered (thankfully, only later when things worked again). Of course I sent a ticket to CS thinking that shouldn’t count for my completion rate. Guess what. :wink:

It happens, and that so many companies rely solely on it is scary :ghost: and :skull_and_crossbones:️.


In all the years I’ve been on the internet this was the strangest due to some sites being offline and others online, and it seemingly confined to me and not others. I didn’t know if my modem was going bad, if it was in my whole town, if my computer was being blocked for some reason, and then to have even my backup internet service not working… fun times!

I’m am so relieved it’s back up.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the Nor’easter storm the east coast is having now. It could even be sunspot activity doing it. Also could be a foreign entity testing out the blocking of the internet. Somehow my service provider was not able to access AWS Amazon servers. This went on for about 8 hours.

It also was the first time my backup service provider didn’t work.

Also strange is the app on my phone kept going off with notifications, but I couldn’t access fiverr on that either.


Yeah we’ve become so dependent on our internet and technology stuff working that it doesn’t take much to panic… I have a backup laptop which I never need, and I pay a premium for light though I don’t really need it so that I could easily schlepp it to Starbucks or somewhere if I get no internet at home. Which won’t help though, if it’s an AWS outage on servers my Starbucks is on, of course. :grin:


I have heavy Alienware laptops which I have to lug around when this happens. I’m wondering which lightweight laptop to get as a backup. I don’t want an ipad or a chromebook, I need a real laptop, something slim and cute.


My backup is an MS surface with type cover. Including the type cover, I think it’s around 1 kg and the size is like… A college block, so it easily fits in small bags, hand luggage etc. A bit on the expensive side though if one only would use it as backup, but if you travel a lot, it might be worth looking into.

If you need a real laptop, my main is an MSI stealth, slim, light and powerful for a laptop, I love it, but again, expensive, especially if you already got an Alienware as main laptop.