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Can't contact seller-WTF?

My order for a logo has been marked as complete. The seller sent me a preview copy of two choices and told me to contact her with my choice.

There is no reply option, since she marked the order as complete. But, it’s NOT complete, because she hasn’t delivered a usable file.

Clicking on contact seller takes me to a screen with her name at the top and a blank box with no cursor. It looks as though the contact seller feature of fiverr is down.

How am I supposed to get in touch with this woman?

I think the upload and messaging features are down at the moment. I’m sure they’ll take care of this soon.

A seller can’t mark the order as complete. She can only deliver the order, and if the buyer doesn’t respond within 3 days, the order is automatically marked as complete by the Fiverr system.

I’d suggest waiting until messaging the seller is available again, and then talking to her.

I’m in the same position exactly - might be the same provider. I’ve emailed many times and no response. Fiverrs customer support is non-existent.