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Can't contact support, ridiculous

I am a buyer and the seller I ordered from has completely disregarded what I ordered and sent me something completely unrelated to the gig I purchased and now declines the cancel order I have spent a lot of money on Fiver and I can’t even get in touch with support this is ridiculous This may be the last time I purchase on Fiver because I can’t afford to have my funds tied up in fraudulent orders when I am trying to get my business off the ground HOW DO I CONTACT SUPPORT!! please if someone could help I would certainly appreciate it

Hi @blwheeler, we spoke the other day. Can you please explain how is it that you’re unable to contact support?


Here is the link for Customer Support:



@lloydsolutions has given you the same link I previously gave you to get in touch with CS.

If that doesn’t work, here’s their email address for you to contact them


Thanks that link would not work earlier but I have gotten through now


Thanks maitasun that link would not work earlier but I have gotten through now

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You’re most welcome, @blwheeler!

I’m glad to know the link is finally working. I really hope you get this issue solved.

Just, kindly keep in mind you’ll need to be a bit patient and please don’t keep placing new tickets if you get no response from support. Right now they might take up to 10 days before you hear from them.


great so I have to keep watching the gigs delivered notices and keep responding to them so they don’t pay out my money

Sadly, since the beginning of the pandemic, and due to it, CS is overloaded with work. Perhaps, you, as a buyer, get the chance to hear from them sooner than we, sellers, do.

In any case, if the order gets to complete before CS replies, you can always ask them again to cancel it and to refund you.

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