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Cant create a custom price help

Ive recently just made a gig on fiver but I cant use a custom gig pric??

I can only make me price go up in increments of $5 for example $5 or $10 or $15 or $20 i cant pick any in between. Please some help me


This is how Fiverr works - increments of $5, with no custom prices


If you click more, then scale your business, and hit generate custom offer you can make a custom offer with the price you want to share to any social media but just not fiverr.

Imagine having services for prices like: 4,69€ 1,99€ 27,38€
The platform would seem really unprofessional and cheap. On fiverr you don’t sell food or clothes, so I don’t even find the need to go lower than 5€. However you can create custom offers with the price you want if it is over 5€.

Im seeing gigs with like £17 as a price and i want to be able to freely make prices like that

example gig

Those prices are converted from dollars …