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Can't create a new gig, it just redirects me. Also how to submit ticket for Fiverr help?

I click on ‘new gig’ and it just redirects me to the ‘Gigs’ page. I know this question has been asked before, but the solution to that wasn’t clear. I can’t find how to submit a ticket to Fiverr support either, their website is driving me insane!
Link to a video showing the problem:!AkQYdwLaQjpMgvlH8oBLWa-Isce1oA
Thanks for the help!

The website is designed for people to try to find the information before contacting support. If you go to Support - Fiverr Help and Education - Creating a Gig

Down the page you can find the submit a request button :point_down:t2:

4 Likes or you can try this link →


If you’re level 0 and already have 7 gigs it won’t let you create another. Even though the level help only mentions the limit on active gigs, on at least level 0 it counts other gigs too (I’m not sure if all types, but if you had 1 gig in draft and 6 active it probably won’t let you add another).