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Can't create a paragraph


On fiverr’s official site I am unable to make a line break or paragraph in my seller description which is a little annoying and makes my description less readable.
Any help would be much appreciated.


It seems to do that with everyone’s profile description. If you add a blank line it removes it when displaying it. It might be an intentional feature even though it can make the text worse. You could contact Fiverr support about it. If it’s not an intentional feature maybe they will fix it. Or maybe some control codes could work, if allowed.


@uk1000 Thanks for the response. Snapped this as an example from someone’s gig.
It seems to only create line breaks when the description is on the right when viewing a gig. Probably is intentional, although weird and annoying.


You could still report it as a possible bug (to customer support) if it puts the line breaks in on the right side of the screen but not when it’s shown on the left.


Yeah I’m definitley going to do that because it’s just bad UX on their part. Honestly hope they fix it.


This happened to me too back in July when I joined. I decided to wait until Fiverr approved my page / gig. Once approved, I was able to edit. Not sure why this happens (?).