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Can't create Email service gig


I’m saeedanowar. I’m a digital marketer. So I offer services like social media and email marketing. But recently fiverr removed all my email related gig reason they said “we do not provide service that gives personal info”.

After that, I tried to create email releted gig several times but those gigs removed as well reason said “failed to pass our review”.

Now please suggest me how can I create Email related gigs.


Fiverr said you can’t do something on their platform and you still insist you want to be doing it, why?
just go and learn something else bro and offer that instead. Good Luck.


You cannot. It is against Fiverr TOS.


If you keep trying to create a gig that has been denied you are risking your account.


Thanks bro. but I’m expert in that and now it’s seems to be I can’t do it anymore.


Email marketing is one of my work platforms and now I can’t do it anymore.


I see that you have another gig for email marketing, and that one looks like something that would be used to create spam. That’s not allowed, and Fiverr might remove it soon. If you keep creating that kind of gigs, you could get your account permanently banned.

You have 6 other active gigs, you can try focusing on them.


Yeap thanks. I should give up now.