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Can't Create Gig Description


No matter what I do, no matter how many characters I put into the Description text box, it absolutely refuses to let me continue. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.


Perhaps a screenshot would help


A video would be even better.


Are you using Chrome? If not, try that.
And/or make sure you haven’t pasted any text into the box (eg. the 1st bit of text) that has any non-ASCII characters in it. (ie. something other than plain text).

If it’s a bug you can also report it to Fiverr (eg. raise a support ticket).


To be honest, I can’t undestand why it doesn’t allow you to save and continue. Looks like a bug. Try different browsers, as uk1000 suggested. Let us know if this will help.


You could try this:

  • Clear all your cookies or at least the ones for Fiverr.
  • Do the same with cache.
  • Restart your browser.
    Look to see if that fixes your problem. If not, do the same steps and also restart your computer before you restart your browser. If that still doesn’t work, submit a ticket to Customer Support.


Okay, I switched browsers and this fixed the problem. I was previously using Safari, and I switched to Brave.


You could still report it to Fiverr if you wanted (eg. if you wanted to use Safari) though they may not fix it since they mostly tell people to use Chrome. Though Safari seems to be the 2nd most used browser so it would help if Fiverr fixed it for that and other browsers.


I submitted a ticket. I hope it gets fixed on Safari, although I don’t mind using another browser. I’m glad it worked out.


I have always heard that Safari is almost the worst possible browser with Fiverr. It might not be worse than Opera, but it’s in that neighborhood. Internet Explorer isn’t great. Firefox usually works though if you have problems, Support will always recommend Chrome. Since it’s been that way for years I doubt they’ll work toward Safari optimization but you can hope!


You arre absoloutely right @ema2001