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Can't create gig ...several times said the same "Title contain Invalid character"


Last night after creating an account in , while trying to make the first gig it said “Title contain invalid character”.I followed all the regulations correctly. I was making the gig in database section. It said title must be maximum 80 character & there should be only one capital letter. I write the title within 50 character. Then also it said the same thing. I’ve tried at least 3 hours…Rather than, in the details field it said contain must be within 1200 character but when i go to help in it said "5. In the Description field, write a description of your Gig up to 120 characters."

Why fiverr is so critical !! Please help me to create a gig…


Attachments contains screen shot to fetching problem while creating the first gig.


Try removing the period from the title.


catwriter is correct. Fiverr headlines hate any kind of punctuation. If you pull the period that should take care of that issue.


Your Gig’s title also serves as a filename so none of the characters used by the OS are allowed.


Thank you very much…specially catwriter and artyemarie.

But i’ve an openion…after validation check it could be said “punctuation not allowed” or something like that rather than “Tile contain illegal character” .

Again another thing is that …as a new member, from where i will come to know about rules like that ? “Help” menu in Fiverr,com doesn’t contain these type of content.

Any way …thanks everybody.


Very little is obvious in Fiverrland. We depend on accidental discovery and help from the forums. How would anyone know that the title of a Gig is a filename and as such you cannot use certain characters.