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Can't create gigs on a Mac?


I’m trying to create a gig on a Mac. I’ve tried Firefox, Chrome and Safari, all with the same result. The grey text in the title field for the Gig is corrupting me. I cannot select the first two words. All text tries to input after those first two words, leaving them, grey, in the title. They don’t show in the character count, but when I try to save the Gig, I get an error that the title contains illegal characters?

Do others have this problem? Is there a workaround?


I’m on a Mac and have no problems using the latest Chrome Version 30.0.1599.101. SAFARI does not allow me to upload photos or video.

If you don’t have the latest Chrome then you should update and see of that helps.

Best of Luck!


I only use my mac and I’ve never had any issues…