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Can't create more than 4 gigs



my name is Hamid I am a web application developer as a developer I have created 4 gigs and now, when I click (Create A New Gig) link the error comes (You can create a maximum of 7 Gigs.).
I have 4 gigs which are active, unable to create more gigs?


It’s because Fiverr still haven’t made it work the way the level help page says it should.
The level help page talks about the max active for a level, but the Fiverr system takes inactive gigs into account then deciding whether to allow a new gig to be created. At least level 0.

You could create a ticket and ask if they could make it work the way it should ie. that the gig creation shouldn’t stop you creating a new gig if you have less than the maximum allowed active gigs for your level. It could be classed as a bug the way it currently works.