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Can't create more than 7 gigs in my account

Please does anyone know what could probably be the problem because each time i try to add a new gig to my list of 7,

i keep getting this reply that i can’t create more than 7 gigs in my account instead of 20, why?

You have to gain levels to add more gigs to your account, until then start selling on the ones you do have up. Most people with a little bit of sales can get to level 2 within about two months, sometimes one!

i am level2 seller now but may be some issue i am only able to create 7 gigs. i am already file complain in customer support and i am waiting resolution.

@zeelocks: For first time users or non-level users such as yourself you are only able to create 7 gigs which is a good amount for you to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

Once you get 10 completed and positive orders you are usually moved up to level 1 so you can unlock more abilities which includes being able to create more gigs which is about double of what you can now.

So just stay focus and you will get there :slight_smile:

@freelancemm and emjayye, thank you guys. Now I know why i should get more focus to getting across where i am at the moment.

I think the limit is fine, but not the fact it also counts paused gigs o_O

I wish we’d be able to make more for “storage”, in the paused folder, and then choose even just 5 active at one time.
But, this is how it is now… Wonder what happens, if you gain a level, make more gigs, and then for some reason get down a level? Do some of the gigs just disappear?

Hi katja1700, my gig did not disappear but the limit is a trigger to move to the next level. Thanks for stopping by.

I am Facing the same problem.

Same probleme plz help

what is your problem?