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Can't create my first gig. Stuck on personal info page

I’m new to Fiverr so my account is raw. I’ve completed most of the information needed to my best extent. When I go to the “become a seller” or to create my first gig, it won’t let me get past the first personal info page. Clicking on continue won’t do anything or even tell me if one of the fields is wrong or what’s the issue. Essentially, I’m unable to create my first gig.

I’ve also noticed upon trying again later, my “completion progress” went from 15% to 30% even though I didn’t do anything different but get stuck on the personal info page?

Contact customer support, they will fix the issue.

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I’ve already send them a ticket and is waiting but wanted to share it on the forum.

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Okay, sometime it happens, no worries they will fix.


Still no update on the issue, first thing support asked me was to send a screenshot … even though i clearly stated my problem.

Update 2:

A new chat agent … responded to me by asking me to try clearing the cache which is what I did at first before submitting the ticket but that didn’t work either. I also tried with other browsers but the results were the same.

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Update 3:

Another chat agent … this time, this one is asking if I’m using Fiverr on mobile to complete the creation of my gig … which I was clearly not since I even sent them a screenshot of the page …

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Update 4:
I was told to try the same process on another computer but the result was the same.

Just had a thought. You might be able to edit the needed personal information directly into your profile, from your profile page. Or maybe directly in the settings. (I sadly doubt it, but it might be worth checking?)

Have you entered all the required info (shown by the asterisk next to the required fields), including entering a min of 150 chars in the description field and added a profile image?

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I’ve already completed those to the best of my extent.

I have but I just tried the min of 150 characters and it seemed to have worked tysm, even the support agents didn’t figure this out. It didn’t show me that I had to enter a min of 150 characters before for some reason otherwise it would have helped.

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