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Can't create new gig/edit old gigs

I’m trying to create a new gig, and on the gig page when I try to select what type of gig this will be, it redirects me back to the fiverr homepage. Also I thought maybe I could edit an old gig to make the new one. But I can’t do anything with the gigs I already have. I’ve cleared my cache/deleted cookies/cleared browsing data and all that stuff, but nothing will work. This happened a few months ago as well, and was never resolved. Help pleaseeee???

That seems like a technical issue, whether due to incompatibility problems or something wrong on Fiverr’s end. Since it happened to you previously, I have to ask: did you contact CS, or have to do anything to correct the problem, or did it just resolve after a few days? If it went away on it’s own, then wait a few days and try again. Otherwise, sounds like it might be time to submit a ticket to CS. I’ve had issues and problems with Fiverr which I believe are due to the fact that Fiverr is optimized for Chrome or Mozilla browsers, which I don’t use (and don’t want to use). I’ve found that keeping my IE as up-to-date as possible does seem to minimize problems, and now I don’t have nearly as many issues with updating or creating new gigs as I used to have.