Can't decide which web design or graphics gig to buy


NOTE: If you just add your link to the post, looking to just advertise it and you do not actually contribute something to the thread, don’t bother. I will not purchase your gig.

When I buy gigs, I usually look for reviews and sort through the examples. However, with website design/making, I’m a little lost.

What I need: Original website template.

I do not need autoblog or anything crazy like that. I plan to buy 1 web template gig and 1 banner/header designer gig. My budget is very very very negotiable. I just don’t know what to look for in terms of which gig to buy. How do I choose someone? Which category should I be looking into?

I don’t want to undersell anyone or be ripped off, either. How much work is $5 truly worth? What can I ask for? What ‘extras’ are worth paying for?

Sorry if I’m a little confusing. I have no idea where to start.


Hi Mrs.Panda! =)

Can you show me what type of website design are specifically looking for? or you may show me examples from the web.

Also do you want it to be in HTML/CSS at the end? (basic process is Idea > Wireframe > Design > Development)

So just a heads up on the price, most graphic designers WHO SPECIALISE and KNOWS well in website designing has rates of $25-250/hr depending on the experience. (based on US salary standards)


Oh wow, really? I did a lot of poking around and googling in the last few hours. I think I might end up using Wordpress.


You can or you can buy some Wordpress Themes =) $25-50 depending on the features.


I use WordPress for all my websites. The themes are great and the whole layout is really easy to use. Designhero is right in that web designers can charge hundreds per hour - a friend’s boyfriend is a freelance web designer and charges £200 an hour.

I have experience in web design but prefer the ease of WordPress. I usually opt for the free themes - there are so many and they’re great but can lack features depending on what you need your website for. Sorry I can’t help any more than that.

Good luck in your search.


Reply to @aingham69: I only charge $20 per hour. Hurray! =)


Oldbittygrandma, I just checked your site out via google… did you pay for that?


I haven’t yet offered any design or webdesign related gigs on fiverr because my rate is in that range designhero mentioned and I like using fiverr for things I don’t do that often (versus my “normal” job stuff). However I might consider offering WordPress set up and a Skype quick start tutorial to go with it.


Hm, thanks guys. I think I’ll roam around the Fiverr sellers and see which one of them are offering services to help with wordpress


If you are looking for a simple site, but with great backend control - Wordpress is your answer. You can run anything from a store, numerous blogs etc or just a 1 page site - the customisation is endless.

There are tons of free and premium WordPress templates available on the web.

If you are not really sure what you are looking for, I would highly recommend browsing templates online and going from there.

Then use Fiverr to help you customise your site - having a header/banner created, adding specialised plugins, onsite SEO etc

It would be far more cost effective for you to grab a ready made template and have it customised.

If you wish to chat further, you can catch me at or my gig:


Would wordpress allow me to set up a paypal shop? That’s one of the things I’m also looking for.


Ok here’s a question…for all my experienced design friends out there: Can I take domains I have already bought from Intuit and make better sites with Wordpress. Adam was talking about better back-end control. i would like to give my current Fiverrtastic site a complete overhaul. Is it more feasible just order a hosting service like hostgator? intuit is getting to be a complete waste and each site of mine can only have 5 page limit. When I did an e-commerce on intuit on my graphic design site i had to trick it with an HTML paypal plugin because in order to use their custom e-commerce crap it’s really expensive.




@mrspanda I recommend you purchase the PSD source extra because you never know when you need an edit to it and the original designer might not be around. But it really depend on the seller, and what extras is he/she offering.

@cust0mcr3ationz I am not sure how Intuit works, but Wordpress is quite amazing. I am no expert at it, but there’s pretty much a plugin for whatever you want to do in it and customize it as much as you want. There’s eCommerce plugins, PayPal plugins, slider plugins, etc. and it’s pretty easy to use even for a beginner.


I’m just switching hosts. Host gator is insanely cheap. it’s wordpress friendly for anyone wondering too. i want to keep my domains without the headache of transfer. :slight_smile:


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Reply to @mrspanda: I love Wordpress! Its your best bet! Its super easy to work with, and there’s free themes you can customize, tons of cool plugins, etc.


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: I use Host Gator for all my websites now. Transferring your site will be easy. I haven’t had any problems with them.


Reply to @musiclover: awesome sounds great.


As a Graphic Designer for 5 years already i can say that for 5 bucks you can get a very low quality work if it’s all about creativity. You can get something little modified yes or something that automated, but not an original work.


Reply to @designermichael: It really depends on the person because I sell logos and other graphic design stuff and my minimum is $5. a lot of people order multiple gigs or become a long term customer.