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Can't deliver my product! 48 Hours left till deadline 😬

Dear Fiverr Forum,

I just got my first costumer and finished my work for the gig. I would like to deliver my work but when I deliver the work Fiverr just brings me to a blank page and then my work is gone. Please answer as quickly as possible because I have less than 48 hours left before I am too late for delivering.



What size of file are you trying to upload please?

54.9 MB, but I also tried to send it with a Mediafire link but that also didn’t work unfortunately

You can try google drive or Dropbox. I hope It will work.

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You can try some cloud storage like mediafire, dropbox, mega, google-drive etc.

I don’t think you and @mmh4560 understand the problem. I already used a cloud storage software but that also didn’t work. The problem is that when I try to deliver the site just redirects me to a white website which shows nothing on it. ( I tried Mediafire and Google Drive)

You can logout from Fiverr then clear your browser cache.
Again login to Fiverr and try to deliver this order.


Try a different browser too, that seems to fix different kinds of technical problems for some people. If none of that helps, you’ll have to send a ticket to support so they can check your account and maybe, as they call it, “refresh” it.


Thank you very much @miiila! That seemed to be the problem. Fiverr apparently doesn’t support Safari.

I hope Fiverr will be able to add Safari support in the future!