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Can't deliver my work through Fiverr

I tried so many times to deliver my work from last 2/3 hours but couldn’t send. I can send message to the inbox even to the order inbox but not the final delivery :frowning_face: Don’t know why…:roll_eyes: Is anybody here who can help me in this issue?? I already inform this to the Fiverr help centre but they need atleast 24 to 48 hours but I don’t have much time… It’s a 24 hours delivery order so I seek your help. Please help!!!

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hay there,
have you tried clearing your browser cache?
changing browser?

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hi…no I didn’t tried that yet… does it work?

shahnawazbbc Thanks a loooootttt brother… I finally can deliver my work through order page Delivery options by changing my browser only :smiley:
Thanks… Thanks… Thanks a bunch man…Love this Forum :heart_eyes:

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Can you please mention that first browser?

Thats what we do here, help each other from our past experiences. i glad it worked for you.