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Cant deliver the order, website bug by uploading it [SOLVED]

Hi, have tried to upload material to client, by pressing deliver, it loads up, shows small thumbnail on screen and then after it shows error page. It doesnt work on any browser
Please fix it, i got delivery in less then 2 hours.

Try another browser, another PC I if you have one, ask to extend your delivery and explain what is happening, clear cache and data. I just delivered an order 5 minutes ago so for me it is working.

I used wifes pc , tried to upload from phone from Chrome, firefox also same stuff, restarted router, even i have 100mb/s never had this issue

Just try again and again… I just read that it fixes itself when that happens. Also definitely contact customer support explain the situation and try to extend delivery.

Went to my office and there was fine.

@wp_kid Please close this post, problem solved.

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