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Can't do my leavel up😭😭😭

I can’t up my leavel up don’t know… Why!!!


Check this out:

Tip: I will do business cards and statonary ( copied from your gig heading) - You need to change the word “statonary” to the correct spelling which is" stationery".

Take time to check all of your gigs for spelling mistakes. Attention to detail is very important and mistakes like this will put many buyers off.


There’s something wrong with Fiverr stats, my stats dropped for absolutely no reason under “Maintain a 4.7 star rating, over the course of 60 days” because a buyer didn’t rate my order (it was auto marked completed, there was no rating or feedback given) – which makes no sense. So now every order I do, if the buyer doesn’t leave any feedback (good or bad), we’re being punished for it with demotions. Great!

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That’s not how the rating stat. works. Fiverr only calculates your rating from the orders that were rated. If you did not receive a rating for an order, your rating would (and should) still remain the same; Fiverr doesn’t take it into consideration for the star rating calculation.

If you think it’s a bug, you might benefit from contacting CS.


Yes that is right… Sometimes buyers have the opportunity by the disadvantage of ratings they thought they can do for the sellers we have always the main target will just get ratings but this system is killing our main motivation so sometimes this advantage is face to us as a disadvantage…


Well there’s definitely something wrong than because my stat was at 4.7… I just did 1 order right now and its still not completed (no rating left or anything) but my stat randomly dropped to 4.6 (With no new orders being rated, my rating stats are still dropping somehow).

Every time I contact Customer Service they just tell me that there is nothing wrong with the stats and send me the same canned response over and over. It’s hopeless.

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If the new order hasn’t been completed it won’t be counted in the stats yet I think.

What is likely happening is different (eg. less) orders are being taken into account because the 60 day period has moved. You could check if it’s correct by checking each order you completed (or were cancelled with an automatic star rating) in the last 60 days, ignoring the lowest rated one, and averaging the ratings from them.


you’re not alone in this situation

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