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Can't do request because i have a 84% rating

Hello to everybody! i join fiverr time ago, but was in the last month i start using it in the way is suppose to, i got two order only, which i delivered in less than 6 hours, but one of the buyers put a one start in would Recommend, so down my fiverr rating, now i can’t use the request system, and either way, promote my gigs on fiverr… any help o recommendation?

The request system is for buyer’s to place notices of gigs they request. It is not for sellers to post their gigs on.

I know, what i question is the fact that i can’t offer my services on the request system for ma 84 rating, and how i can help to solve it or get more sales to cover that

You can solve it by increasing your seller rating. And you can increase your rating by delivering work that earns 5-star positive reviews.

Dude I am loving your samples! Just keep doing what you’re doing and your rating will increase again.

It looks like the review was only a few days ago. Did you ask the buyer if they wanted modifications? Sometimes you can work with the buyer to correct what they weren’t happy with. If you correct it, the buyer might be willing to change the review or at least just have it removed. If not, then getting more sales and more reviews is your only option. You aren’t so far down that you can’t bring it up.

Yes, i send him a message after i see the review, but never got response, so, he changing the review seems hard when he doesn’t respond… well, the only thing i can do is wait for more sales, but is hard when you’re starting and receive a bad review

hehe thanks