Can't download any attachments


I’m really frustrated right now as I am unable to download any attachments from Fiverr, being that files from Order Requirements or my own previous deliveries.

Pretty sure I’ve tried everything by now, from clearing browser history/cache/etc to trying from every single device I could find at home.

It seems like the servers are down or something. Customer Support is contacted, but I was just wondering if there is a magic trick I could try in the meantime? Or is anyone else experiencing this? I don’t think my buyers are impressed…


Have you tried opening Fiverr with a different internet connection? Try restarting your router if that helps…


Dear liz,
sometime temporal attachments file show down in fiverr. how the buyer atttach. this file does’t sport in any adobe software…


I’ll be trying different connection today, thanks! Restarting the router didn’t help :frowning:


Not sure what you mean by that, but it’s not a software problem. Thanks for your input though!


ask your seller to deliver them via dropbox or one of the other hundreds of file sharing sites out there


Which browser are you using? If you are using firefox then try chrome or install a downloader.


Yep, that’s a perfectly reasonable solution I’m getting away with now, but I’d prefer the problem to be solved (some buyers aren’t that tech savvy/prefer not to use such services/etc, etc). :slight_smile:


I’m using Chrome as this is what Fiverr suggests - and I also tried switching browsers to no luck.


I’m actually having the same problem and none of the tricks are working. Not sure if this is related to the updates Fiverr did the other day or not, but is tricky to figure out right now.


Same problem here too. I think server down or anything malfunctioning from fiverr ends.


I was just coming on the forum to ask this question, same issue. And also profile image is not showing in the top right corner and other small bugs.


Amazon server’s probably down. I need to look at a stupid picture to complete a gig and I can’t :slight_smile:

Screenshot of my favorite screen in the whole world at the moment:



There’s a general LAG happening with the servers at the moment.

Should be resolved soon.


Have you found a solution for this? I also cannot download attachments and unfortunately fiverr support is useless.


I know this is coming months after but have you been able to resolve this issue as I have the same problem.


In my case it was an ISP problem. I can only download attachments when I am in the country from where I registered my fiverr account. I cannot download when I am in a different country and ISP. Weird stuff.


If it is a image, simply add the .jpg extension to the file after you download.


I am facing similar problem.


The solution is you must not use any spaces in the filename only use letters/numbers and _ or -. no spaces. Otherwise you get the XML error.