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Can't download any attachments

This is still an issue in 2019.

This is definitely a bug. Filenames/browsers should not have any effect on whether users can download or not.

For the record, I’m using Chrome, and I’m attempting to download small files with simple names; there is absolutely no reason in this case why Fiverr downloads should fail. I am able to download successfully from other websites (Google Docs, Dropbox, etc etc etc).

This is a bug in the Fiverr platform which should be fixed.


My customer can’t download my attachment even file name is number, a-z, 11 characters long, .jpg extension.
I’m not sure is this the same problem.

I am having this issue today yet it’s years after you reported the incident. What might be wrong with the download options?

Hi there,

Try changing browser or network etc.
Also reset the router settings etc.
If not solved try to change the IP address by using VPN.
I hope this one will work.
If it also doesn’t works then complaint to the Fiverr.

I have the same problem but it seems to work when I use incognito mode.

What amazes me is that after all these complains Fiverr hasn’t even bothered to post an explanation. I sent them a support request on this issue and they didn’t offer anything meaningful.

I have same problem so that i’m using my phone to download and upload to google cloud and download to my pc.