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Can't download files sent as attachments

For some reason any files sent to me as attachments can’t be downloaded lately. It just endlessly says “scanning for viruses” and the file itself is greyed out and can’t be downloaded. At first I thought my computer may have a bug but I’m getting same results on multiple computers. Naturally it’s slowing down productivity as I’m forced to ask buyers to resend everything a second time via another transfer service. Anyone else struggling with this? It’s been going on for about a week now.


Have you tried another browser, for me sometimes chrome doesn’t work so I used internet explorer and sometimes they both don’t work so I used firefox.

Sadly I’m having the same results on Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

crikey, restart your pc haha

Same results on three different computers.

I would ask the customer to re-send in a zip?

Actually having re-read your original post. You need to contact customer service. That sounds quite bad.

Yes, it’s the scanning system, some files get stuck. You can wait for it to finish or you can request the buyer to upload it to another server as Google Drive.