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Can't download my files I paid for

Hi there, just completed my first project purchase as a buyer. The artist sent my options, revised them and everything was perfect. I completed the project and left feedback but I do not see where I can download the actual file he created? Just the PNG files are on the screen and they can not be used to actually work with. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


Did the seller’s gig say source files would be included? eg. .psd or other format? If so, if they’re not shown on the order page in the delivered section (maybe refresh the page to double check?), send the seller a message asking for them. Give the seller time to respond (a day or 2) and if they still won’t send them and the gig/package says they are included you could contact support about it.

Not all gigs/packages include the source files though. It will depend on what it says in the gig/package description.


It’s the seller’s responsibility to get you the files. The seller should have sent downloadable files as a delivery on the order page. He or she can also put them in a link to dropbox where you can find them.

Ask your seller where the files are.

If gig says source file then yes, if not then you ordered wrong gig, ask for extra adjustments, but you will have to pay for it.

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