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Can't download PDF for a gig?

Is anyone having issues downloading anything in related to gig requirements? I have a buyer who uploaded a PDF for something for me to reference my gig off of. No worries, I asked them to send it via a different method just in case but I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing.


Hello @twxiiy

You are not supposed to use any other methods to communicate with the buyer. It is against Fiverr term of services.

Please read ToS at the bottom of the main page.


I meant not a PDF and instead send a word document or something.

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In addition to the explanation that @twxiiy has provided, it’s perfectly fine to upload the document to DropBox or a similar service and send the link, as long as there’s no personal contact information in it.

It happens sometimes. Or the buyer uploads the file, but it can’t be opened because it’s corrupted. And then the buyer tries again, and it happens again, and so on.


I appreciate your response. I think it was just a tiny Fiverr hiccup because I was able to download the file (under the same WIFI) so no worries.

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