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Can't edit description

I got a notification telling me that I should change my description from ALL CAPS to lowercase.
I go to the edit gig page and click on description & FAQ but it snaps down on the overview page to the notification about the ALLCAPS.
I can’t get to the page to edit the description.

Please help,
Thank you!

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Can you provide a screenshot, please?

Looks like you need to address the title error first. Once that’s fixed, you should be able to move to the description section.

What’s wrong with the title? How is it not complying with terms?
Thank you!

Not sure. Might be too short.
Maybe: I will
create a personalized cinematographic video showreel demo

If it doesn’t like that, maybe take out “showreel”.

The gig title looks okay to me. Try pressing “upgrade SEO” and see what it says then. Also check everything else on that page has something filled in (gig metadata etc).

I don’t know why it’s saying “your title may need a little help to comply with our terms…”. It might be something to do with the SEO title or maybe it’s just because of the capitals in the gig description.

You could try creating a brand new gig (without the all caps in the description) and then deleting that one if it still can’t be fixed without doing that.

Click on “Save and continue” on the gig title section (after specifying any mandatory metadata section) . It should let you continue to the next section I think.