Can't edit my own gigs?


I noticed today, that even if I change pictures in my gigs, nothing changes when I preview the gig. Not even after many hours.

What’s happening?

Edit: and if I go to editing gig, the Gig Extras pricing resets to 5$. It’s really annoying.


There have been a few glitches, if you keep getting issues head over to customer support


Did try in FF, and the effect is the same.


Seriously head over to customer support and let them know…


Firefox work fine here as well Safari, Chrome, never had an issue, the issue isn’t related to the browser more that Fiverr has had a problem as reported elsewhere, Mine own issues are now fixed, so if you are still experiencing issues Customer Support would be the best guys to speak to, to make them aware.


I don’t like Chrome…Don’t like big brother Google watching my every move. Firefox works fine when Fiverr is working fine.


Interesting it works now. Like it needs a day to refresh. And I had updated Chrome, Flash and renamed the files.


Thx oldbittygrandma.

Just now I got the feedback from support too. The resetting prices bug were fixed, and the updating of gig may take a while.