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Can't Edit portfolio? Really?

Anyone else find it extremely annoying that you can’t edit which samples you choose for your portfolio? As a rapper I usually deliver multiple takes and some of them are just a bunch of ad libs and/or doubles. I don’t want that showing up as a sample of my work. I would love it if Fiverr made portfolios a little more customizable for sellers.


You can always deliver an additional file with your favorite take.

Upon delivering multiple files you do have control over which file will end up on your live portfolio, IF the client allows it.

Problem solved.

Live portfolio is there to serve as proof that you deliver what you advertise and for people to see what other buyers got.

If you want creative control there’s always Fiverr’s actual portfolio feature, if you are eligible for it or any website that you are allowed to link to.


It wouldn’t be credible. Portfolio functions as a sort of social proof. It wouldn’t mean as much if you were controlling what shows and how. Like if Amazon sellers controlled who could post photos of their deliveries or took down some that were published. There would be an outrage because of the bias and disparity. And it could prompt speculation that you have something to hide.

These kinds of posts are powerful BECAUSE buyers control their voice about their purchase. When the autonomy belongs to the consumer, they feel empowered and onlookers see credibility. There is more incentive to share the delivery if you know you control that and won’t be altered.

There are other ways to showcase what you want people to see.

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I’m such a mess when it comes to putting together/updating my portfolio that I’m grateful that fiverr does it for me, to be honest.


Hmm that could work. So if I let the client know which take I’d prefer than they’ll have the option to make that my sample? I’ve never been on the other side (buyer side) so not exactly sure how that all goes down.

Also, there’s a another portfolio separate from the live portfolio? Interesting…

Yeah I guess in that respect it’s nice. Just when I have a take with a minute and a half of dead air chosen as my sample I feel it doesn’t do my portfolio justice, that’s all.

I suppose, and I understand the credibility argument. I’m fine with allowing all reviews to show up, whether positive and negative, but my work itself I’d like to be a little more filtered. It’s like if you open a clothing store and your storefront window just displays a bunch of socks, it’s not indicative of the whole of your product. So that’s my major complaint, although apparently there are ways “choosing” which take gets chosen as the sample by communicating with the seller…Still figuring all that out I guess. Anyway thanks for the reply.

Also, I’d be curious as to what other ways of showcasing your stuff you’re referring to?

As a hip-hop ghostwriter I don’t really face this problem since clients are only paying for the written content. However I do send them (1) reference track so if they do decide to share that is the only option for them since I copy n paste the lyrics.


To clarify, everything I wrote is about portfolio photos, not review text.

No user generated photo of their purchase fully captures the whole of the product because it doesn’t need to to be effective. And if you’d like to do that, put the sample in your gig photos with permission. You have three photos for your gig page and you could put collections of example images there. You can create a slideshow video as your gig video showcasing what you’d like people to see he get the full picture of your work.

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