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Can't enter my phone number on my profile

I have had this account as a buyer and now getting set to list some gigs. It will not allow me to add a phone number. I choose my country, it adds my correct country code then will not allow me to type anything more :frowning:


I think its an issue with fiverr system, will work only on desktop.
Keep trying or contact customer support.

Thanks for the reply. I tried on multiple devices for 2 days then googled how to contact customer service :roll_eyes: Awaiting their reply. Also every time I try to connect my FB page I get an error has occurred. Are these types of glitches common here?

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Hi there,

I’m having the same exact issue. Did you figure out a way to fix it? Thanks :slight_smile:

Try using the numbers above the keyboard, rather than the keypad. (It’s weird, but it’s been reported that it sometimes works.)


Thanks for the suggestion. I was able to solve the issue by going to a different browser: Chrome.

But I’ll keep your suggestion in mind if I run into that issue in the future.

:slight_smile: Pat

Yes, that is what solved it for me. I was using chrome when I had the problem.