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Can't even earn money as yet

I have joined fiverr last October, 2014 did not get any job offer in March, 2015 I got one gig and have not got anymore since then

I check your services i think … such service not sell on fiverr nobody give you 5 bucks to like his page. here many people who give 1000 like for 5 buck.

People write 500 word article for $5 . you are just typing.

So my suggestion is that make some quality and attractive gig which will sell…

My suggestion is to make your GIGS more enticing and more unique than anybody else, work hard when somebody buy your gigs. I do make a lot of money in Fiverr but stop doing it because I’m kinda bored doing it for a small $5 orders so stick with my Cad drafting services , much higher earnings. But anyways Good luck.