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Can't even find my gig when I search for it?

I have a 3D printing gig where I print glow in the dark objects. Two of my tags are “Glow in Dark” and “3D printing”. When I go to the search bar and search “Glow in Dark 3D Printing” or any varriant, my gig is NO WHERE to be seen. And I know it was visible, because I saw it, and I got an order, but now it’s gone. Is there some silly thing where new gigs only can have one order in at a time?

No, no silly thing. There is just no guarantee that anyone’s gigs will show up in Fiverr searches, and when searching by key words/tags the result doesn’t show every possibility, just some or most. Then another time you’ll do a search and there you are. I don’t know what the Fiverr algorithm is, or why the search results just doesn’t list everything, but that’s how they do it. People can find your gigs by looking through your category/ies, and when you first create a gig it rotates through the front page’s “New and Noteworthy” area until it gets replaced by newer gigs.

I absolutely can’t believe that. If someone is looking for a gig of glow in the dark 3D printed objects, and they search for that, they darn right should find that!

I see your gig in the top of the category you’re in. In regards to other areas, I would recommend contacting customer support. Some of those keywords don’t really have any gigs even in the categories so i don’t see why you aren’t showing up either for some of them. Most likely though, it just hasn’t gotten around to indexing your gig yet fully.

Interesting huh. And that would make sense, except it was searchable before, but now isn’t.


Initially, you show up for a gig. In almost everywhere. if you have already been crawled a lot of times and places it’s temporary. The idea beyond it or so I am going to assume is to give you some initial exposure to build up your feedback. Then I am sure as part of their algorithm if you get enough orders or exposure from it they may keep you up longer in the particular keyword but eventually cycle you down to give others a chance. In regards to the category that seems to be more focused on keyword relevance than anything else. I seen people with incredibly bad feedback that somehow maintain their position in a category.

@freelancemm Ditto. I’ve read too many posts on the forum about people not finding their gigs on searches, even when they had previously easily found them, and even with highly specific keyword searches. So there’s no question that Fiverr just doesn’t list every possible search response all the time, that results change periodically (as you said, probably to allow exposure for other sellers, even not-so-good ones) and that using very specific tags doesn’t guarantee your gig will show up. Unless everyone else who has posted about this very thing is lying, it seems to be the way Fiverr’s search engine works. I agree, doesn’t seem right.

Hmm, fiverr should do something about this. Anyway thanks for your responses all of you.