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Can't even submit a gig

Have tried 4x now to submit a gig. First 2x it told me that the formatting for my cover image was wrong. But it was not, dimensions were exact and it was a jpeg. Then it told me there was something wrong with my gig title, even though I got the little green “Just perfect” underneath the box.

"Cover scaling ratio cover scaling ratio in the wrong format

Cover crop coordinates crop coordinates in the wrong format"

This is what I am getting…

There are various reasons a gig is denied; See: and for starters. Clear your cache, too.

Fiverr Customer Support

When I get the dimension error and I have the right size, it’s when I try to upload an image with the same name, try changing the name of the image and uploading. This is for the gig sample images, may be the same bug with the cover image.

Reply to @accessgirl: Thank you, I will try that.