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Cant explain my feelings in words, idk why this happened to me

I was unable to be available at fiverr for some time, like a month and half, i had level 1 badge before that period and now when i came back its all gone,


What is gone?

What is the analytics saying? Did you activated out of office, did you receive messages and did not responded on them, what exactly happened. Please share more details of your Fiverr Experience.

Or is this only mean to be casual rant?


It would be better if you explain your experience in more words, sellers can assist you to the pave way.

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My seller level is gone, i am back to no level seller again, and everything ( order rate, response rate, rating) was 5/5 before but now my order completion rate is very low

that makes no sense. only if you did not deliver order or cancel order or did not reply to messages would your level drop. Can you show screenshot of your analytics section for level one, what is not green?


Maybe his ratings changed while he was gone.

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That is what is strange I see Level 1 sellers with last sale in 2015. So they still have level but have not been on the site for 5 years.

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here is the screen shot , btw i was unable to visit my profile for last 2 months and now i had messages from 32 customers when i logged in

Your last delivery was 24 days ago.

i have seen many sellers who had their last delivery years ago but they still having the badge of their level, i thought i’ll not loose mine too, thats why i was relaxed but now im so sad

i said i was unable to be available, i did delivery of my previous orders, but didnt took any new

It will take some time to recover from this. Sorry for whatever reason you where away. Maybe you could ask somebody to just put your account out of office or something to prevent this.

You also have orders cancelled.

Well, I guess you could have known this will happen if you do not come to account for over 30 days.

Yes, but they probably never got any new messages or orders.

You should have activated out of office if you were not going to take new orders.

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maybe, well thanks for your sympathy. i should have consulted here before leaving my account all like that. btw still a lot of thanks

Don’t worry too much about it. As the time passes, those unanswered messages and incomplete orders will lose their effect on the 60 day metrics, and you’ll get your level back within a month or two.

Focus on doing stuff that you had been doing before instead. It might be a good idea to answer all those 32 messages now.

Levels keep changing. People don’t.


Thanks, really motivating words, and i do highly appreciate your reply, thanks again

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Although it may seem disheartening business still moves forward. A level 1 rating isn’t impossible to achieve again. I myself have reached top seller twice, only to be dropped down to level 2 because I didn’t fulfill the requirements to maintain that rating. Keep your head up and keep moving forward.

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sure, thanks mate. !

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