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Can't Figure out My Payment options

Hello, Fiverrs.

I have withdrawn on my account before, and then, I used the Direct Deposit option (which redirects the funds to my Payoneer account) which was available for US residents. However, on changing residence (which led to a flag change), I discovered that there was no option for Direct Deposit anymore.

I went for the Fiverr Revenue Card option, but could not set up my existing Payoneer account anymore as it has already been linked to an account. I would like to know if anyone else has faced this kind of issue before, and what my options are. All responses are welcome. Thanks.

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Direct Deposit is only available in the U.S.

You cannot have the Fiverr Revenue Card™ and Direct Deposit simultaneously.

I guess that you could try with PayPal, or you can contact Customer Support and ask them for help and advice.

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