Can't find any of my gigs when searching for their titles


I’ve been a member of Fiverr for a long time, had a steady flow of gigs orders daily. Now about 2 weeks ago all new orders have stopped. If I try searching for my gig titles, I can’t even find my gigs listed like I used to.

I sent support request but they never helped with any solution at all.

Whats happend to Fiverr?


Thought that I should also mention that the 100% drop in new gig sales started when I started to buy gigs from other sellers.

Not sure if somehow my account has turned to a buyer’s account instead of a seller’s account and that’s why none of my gigs can be found.

I’ve never had this happen before in the years i’ve been here. Something is not right that’s for sure.


Same happened to me as well a few days ago after adding a FAQ to my gig. Bad idea, but I also added one for my second gig as well and that too disappeared from search results instantly. Only 1 gig remains, and that will not get a FAQ ever, hehe.

There’s the limit orders button that says a gig will get re-added to the listings when it’s turned off or something. Might be a good idea to try! Or just by pausing a gig for a while or turning vacation mode on.

So far support has not responded to my issue.


Ya support was no help for me either.

I can’t beleive that support will not even look into this. Just don’t understand it.


Does fiverr support team not read any messages on their forum?


Same problem here. I even recreated the gig, but it’s still not showing up in search results or when I pick my category. Plus, my gig extras are not displayed. I was really excited to join Fiverr, but little did I know it would be this buggy.


Well for me fiverr support says nothing is wrong. LMAO


same issue here, recently started few days ago. Your right this was nice place to go but is totally buggy. I still even heard back my support ticket i sent in. Only if their was another way to promote our stuff in other sites to get people to notice our gigs. I noticed 1 person offering to promote gigs, but seemed sketchy.

I say we need to keep trying, i bet once we start getting people interested then our rating will go up which probably will them push us to be noticed, im guessing.