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Can't find any Skills Tests or any Customer Support

The Skills Test section says to go to my profile, pick the Skills Test option on the left pane, and take one.
Except there is no option whatsoever to do this. The only reason I’m even doing it is because every time I go to publish my gig, it just takes me back to the beginning of editing it.
The only thing that seems to make sense is that it says some skills require verification. Only I can’t verify any of my skills without the tests, which don’t appear to be anywhere.

Does anybody know where I can access any? Links, or any help would be appreciated. If not, please at least help me contact customer support, as each time I go there, it just shows me a list of my own empty support requests, of which I can make 0 new ones.

Thank you


I see the skills test on the left side of my profile when I am in selling mode. It is towards the middle to bottom.

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I see no such thing.

Just my profile picture, followed by badge earning, skills, description, languages, and education.

This is what I see.

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It’s missing from my left panel ://