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Can't find any way to remove Gig offers from Dashboard


I’ve started getting Gig offers from other sellers and although i’ve rejected them I’m not able to remove the Gig offers from the ToDos in dashboard.

Does anyone facing this? Or if you know a way to remove it from the ToDo.

Thank you.

Same here. I wrote to support 6 days ago, still no answer.

Same here. I am feeling one more problem. They don’t reply very faster.

Same here. Its annoying for me but I am helpless here.

It really is annoying, because I have reported it as well and they have gone the maximum days to respond.

I got answer, they wanted me to clean ToDo list orders because possibility to be removed along with offers. And flushed my ToDo list. Now clean again and organized :slight_smile:

Edit: On support page try live support chat. Very fast response and support.

How do you flush the ToDo list? I really want it gone off my to do list. :frowning:


I think having a remove button next to the Gig buttons would be very much easy than clearing the whole ToDo list! May be they are working on it.
Can you share a screenshot for cleaning the Todo list? I did show an option before for cleaning the Todo list but I can’t find now.

And I can’t see any Livechat button on the support page. Can you share a screenshot for that as well?

Support cleaned my list. I needed to finish all started gigs before that. Because of possibility to clean them too.

I don’t have that option now, but was yesterday when Ticket was open.

It should be at right bottom of screen.

I had and still having the same issue. I wrote to fiverr support and asked them to remove them for me. it took them almost a week to do it, but they did. now I received some more…
It seems like its the only solution for the time.

Why should we ask them to do this one by one? Aren’t they aware of this bug? They should fix this permanently.

same here