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Can't find attachments from buyers?

A buyer messaged me for one of my gigs, but I can’t seem to find the said PDF that he supposedly attached? Sorry, I’m pretty new to this. Where am I supposed to see it (if anyone has a screencaps for reference that’d be great…) Thanks!

Did you check the Order Requirements section, you will see any attachments within.
if there’s nothing probably he missed it. You can ask him to send the PDF file again.

I haven’t. Where is the Order Requirements section found?

Go to your Sellers dashboard and click the order from the buyer, There is an Order Requirements Section where the buyer provides you information for the order.

Ahh I see. The buyer hasn’t ordered anything yet (still asking about the best gig to choose), so there’s no Order Requirements part yet. If he did attach a file on the message, I should be able to clearly see it, right?

Yes you will be able to see any attachments the buyer put under the Order Requirements section.