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Can't find Buyer request page

Hi I am a newbie here and everyone seems to be advising me to use the buyer request page which I can’t seem to find both on the app and the web page. What do I do?

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You can find out the buyer request section easily . In desktop-> Switch your account to seller >click on “More” >You can see the “Buyer Requests” Option. Then click on that .The buyer request page will be opened . :grinning:

Or you can open the buyer request page by clicking on this link


As a newbie I found buyer request page, but there is no buyer here. :sweat_smile:


Have you created any gig?
If yes, then you have to go to seller mode then you will find buyer request option.
If No, then you have to create at least one gig to show the seller mode and buyer request option.

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I already create 7 gig but only show 1 buyer request then I can not show any buyer request

i was not even able to find the option of buyers request for three days … but then something hit my mind and i zoom out the page size … :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Sorry


LOL It’s been weeks that I was unable to find any buyers requests, I can’t believe this :rofl: :rofl:

Please go on your profile then click more option you can find out the buyer request option

Hey, there, I found the Buyer Request page but there are No Requests on it. How do I get Requests on it? How do I search for what the Buyer may be looking for? I am also a newbie and have only had one job completed so far (not even sure how that person found me to be honest, because none of my other Gigs have gotten anything for weeks now). Help?! XD

I cant find such options in my page :roll_eyes: whats wrong?

as you are new seller on fiverr , it will take some time to show you buyers request