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Can't find customer file

How do I get quick help from Fiverr…support is 24 hrs at the least.

My gig is for a 24 hour delivery. Customer claims he send me the file I need, Gig countdown started.

Problem is that I don’t have the file, can’t see it anywhere. And customer being on the other side of the globe has now disappeared (probably gone to bed).

What is the best way to deal with this?? Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Check this out:

The files at times won’t show up in the phone app, but will in the desktop. Otherwise, it’s best to reach back out to the customer and request the file to be resent.

There’s really no other way around it.


Thanks jwaynevo,
I am on desktop. And the green dot showing the customer is online is not there. So, should I pause the order?

before the CS come into rescue, ask the customer to rend the file again. if its a bug on the system ask them to send it through message

If your requirements are mandatory (meaning order wouldn’t have started without attached files), then it’s likely a bug and you can’t do anything about it in a timely manner. Been through that fun experience myself, on a 24h order too.
Only your buyer can help you now. CS won’t be able to reply before the deadline.

Your inbox and or the order are the only two places where the file could be sent. If you don’t have the file in either location, I would reach out to the buyer and be a bit stronger in the message.

Thanks for the info, I had a feeling that was the situation. I have to say that for an international platform like this, CS response time is less to be desired.