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Can't find GIG in search

Hi -

I am new to Fiverr and actually DID get and complete my first order!

My problem is - I see my GIG has been presented 106 times in search - However - I can’t find myself in search form y keywords…

How come some have found me, but I cannot!


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You don’t need to be worry. I knew that fiverr gigs rotate usually. So you may find them in a very short time in search. And keep share your gig in various social media to promote it.


Same + 1. Usually I do it in this way:
If the gig is new, I place it. Then wait for about 10-20 mins. If I can’t find - I delete the gig. And make it once again. This works for me.

Surprisingly, I do not make any changes in the description. And if the gig is already with reviews - then you need to wait, usually they do not disappear from the search. Only for a short time they disappear. Good luck!


Wow BB100 - So youve had to delete gigs then repost and then they would show?

Ill give it a shot

That may be happened
1.if you are not in online
2.If the category that you are looking for is not a tag on your gig


Actually I’m doing it right now )
Create - Can’t find? - DELETE/
Till it will be in the search. If you know the better way - share it with me) Thanks!

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Plus, try to change the tags. It’s useful too

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It’s bit frustrating to make it again and again, but need . Need to work!!

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would you please explain what is the actual thing you meant on this line

“2.If the category that you are looking for is not a tag on your gig”


When you doing the searching, mind there is a box on the right top, saying “search by”, default value is usually “Avg. Customer review”, you try if “newest arrival” could show you.
Not only the keywords, language, …

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But how to rank my gig? @isapony

Don’t know the algorithm of fiverr.
Just my guess, by good reviews (=stars), any recent or frequent order, number of order, how many clicks,…

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