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Can't find my gig anywhere in the search results.HELP!

my gigs are active since some hours but i can’t find them anywhere when i search for the keywords.What should i do?

Sheriff’s Note: Moved.

you should search in new gigs

They’re there, just at the end of list, and there are probably many similar gigs so it will take a while before they move up. Maybe they aren’t search-able yet (it could take a few hours/days). But mainly, as you get orders, they’ll move up the list a bit. :slight_smile: (I know, it sucks, unless you get promoted to front page it’s hard to start with new gig.)

All new gigs rotate through the Fiverr front page under “New and Noteworthy” until enough newer gigs come up behind yours to bump you off the rotation.

It can take 24 hours or more to index new gigs to be searchable. And search results on Fiverr are not all-inclusive, meaning that under a particular tag word, Fiverr doesn’t show ALL possible results. So even after being indexed, at any particular moment you still might not find your gig when you search…then another time it’ll show up. Maybe it will be near the top, next time somewhere in the middle. That is the reality of being on Fiverr. Top Rated Sellers do tend to receive more exposure, and that is one of the perquisites of being a TRS. Which is why we all strive for that goal.

which category you select? First search with this category If the the category is PSD to HTML then Search PSD to html then you can find a page. In this Page section you will see Recommended, Hight Rating, Express Gig, With Video and New. You should click on the New. Then find your gig’s.