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Can't Find My Gig in any Page

Welcome our new member

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Your name is very weird for search bar, it can’t even recognize you. You have_ _ in your name and that is not getting recognized by search bar.

Your GIG is active but no one can find you.

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I think you are a mistake somewhere
because you search my username in this box but there we searching to find gig or service
not user profile
I hope you understand

Yes, true.

Wrong. We use it to find profile. How else we would find peoples GIG that come here and post to help them but do not provide link?


If you contacted CS be carefull and ready for your account to be banned from the site.
They will check your GIG and GIG images and find you took them from Envato elements and stock footage.

Erasing them now could help but not really. if they are checking your GIG in real-time they will see your portfolio images.

Is this you? One of the logo in your portfolio is registered to him: image

Images from your portfolio are all over the internet

okay thank you i will try to improve it