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Can't find my gig in search, but customers can?

Well, from time to time I like to check where my gig is on search page. So I check, and today it’s not there. I contact support and they assure me it’s there, and I’m getting new orders every day. I guess it’s just bugged for me, how about you guys?

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As long as your impressions/views and other stats are fine, you shouldn’t be worried about it. :smiley:

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I don’t see my own gigs in searches whenever I’m logged in. But they do show up when I’m not logged in, or whenever other people are logged in and searching for me (‘yay!’ for networking). I suppose this is because Fiverr rather wants to show useful results which you can choose to buy, instead of your own things.
Perhaps if you try logging out, and then searching for your gigs, you will be able to find them?

Other than that ‘actual proof’ method, I read that (in some helpful ‘new sellers’ guides on the forum) there is a statistic that represents your search ‘show-ups’ when you’re logged into the Fiverr main site—If you go to Selling > Gigs, you can see this little stat called ‘impressions’ and it shows the number of times you’ve shown up on actual Fiverr searches. The additional stat called ‘clicks’ shows the number of times people clicked on your gig after it showed up.

In addition, a helpful forum user called mamaandpapa once posted:

"No Impressions = Update Tags
Yes Impressions & No Clicks = Update Title & thumbnail
Yes Clicks & No Orders = Update Description & Packages."

I hope this is helpful!

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