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Can't find my gig on search page again

can you help me, I don’t know what do . my instagram gig is going and coming back, sometimes when I search for the gig with suitable tag I couldn’t find it at all, and it will come back later but now like three days I couldn’t find it again, it has affect my sales and is not removed because is still active. what can I do to make it visible again on fiverr?

There is a rotation. To spend more time on top, increase your average transaction price, which a number of us have figured out has become a big factor in Fiverr search ranking. You can do this by:

  1. Increasing the price of your cheapest package.
  2. Offering incremental options that are inexpensive in relation to your base price.
  3. Generally improving your gig image/description/profile to increase conversion, which improves your revenue-per-impression, which is very important to Fiverr (and to you).

You’re in a great space. I notice even your “bad” review was really good when you read what the guy wrote. You seem to know what you’re doing. All of Fiverr’s top-10 bestsellers are traffic-building gigs, so you’re going to do well here once things get rolling for you.

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thanks, this gig came today and it has gone back again I couldn’t find it when search with tag

sir i have question everyday i spend average time at least 8 hours but my fiverr account show 1 hours but why … please give a answer thanks