Can't find my Gig under the correct category. And my gigs are active. Why?


Having issues with finding my Gig under correct category, even narrowed the search results. Occasionally if I use the search bar and put in words that i have tagged, then I can sort of find my gigs. But sometimes even then they dont always show up. I for sure cant find my gigs when i just click graphics and design then caricatures and looking through every page available.

Why am i having this trouble and is there a way to fix this issues?


After edit or update GIG will now show.


i even tried to re-edit to see, and nothing, i can try again though. thanks


yeah the only way so far now, is people have to search Pop art caricature then my gigs are noticeable.

Just browsing through graphic design under cartoon/caricatures, nothing shows.

I wish i knew a way i could promote my gigs so people would notice and hopefully be interested.