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Can't find my gig when searching for it?

3 days ago I opened my first gig.
When searching for it via category and language or country I can’t find my gig.

My settings are all correct.
Language, Country, Gig categories etc.

Anyone knows how to fix this?


Share your gig on the social media. Morly

Sorry, how should this fix my issue?
I think this doesn’t solve my problem :slight_smile:

Hey Sandra,

One of the biggest issues that you will face is that you could be trying to compete in an already very oversaturated market. Try to get some jobs through buyer requests. That will help generate reviews which could help with placing in the list. Have you also made sure that the decription has the relevant keywords? What about the SEO title?

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Hey Jess,

Thank you for your ideas.
In category “Business > Virtual Assistant” with filter “from Germany” there are just 2.
I would be third.
So I need to get buyers by advertising my fiverr-gig outside of fiverr to get listed on fiverr?

This seems to be a bit weird.

Yes, I’d say I used relevant keywords and title.

If I dont search by category and filter I find myself. But not being shown by searching by clicking the categories is a bit unfortunate :frowning:

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I did the same to find you and didn’t find you when I used the categories but found you with no issue when I searched virtual assistant and filtered to ‘from Germany’.
There was also a lot more competition on that search (59 compared to 2).
Could be a bug?

It could be worthwhile to wait another day and if nothing changes, post in the bug forum.


Thank you for testing it and your advice - I’ll wait one more day and check it again.

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This reminds me of a story from my old days in Radio.

I used to sell/write/produce radio ads as part of my duties at one radio station I worked at.

One client was in my face about never hearing the ads he was paying for to promote his business.

His argument was that if the ad ran before he was up that day or after he went to bed, he couldn’t hear it.

I explained to him that he wasn’t advertising so he would know what his store was selling.

He was advertising so others who heard his ad would learn about the sales he had.

Why do you need to see your Gig?

Isn’t the goal to have potential Buyers see it?

Some of you newbies make me shake my head.

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Excuse me?
I don’t think you have the right to talk like that to me.

As a good and very hard working business woman I OFC! check if everything is set up correctly. If I wouldn’t do that I wouldn’t be a good business woman.

I recommend you to talk more respectful to strangers and not behave like you are #1 knowing everything.

If there is a search by categories which a lot users actually use and your gig is not shown there it’s not how it should be - so ofc as a good business woman I check by myself if I did something wrong and after I checked this I ask for ideas.

This was a free advice. But ofc you can order a custom gig for it.

Have a nice day. I hope you learned something.

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Dear sweet friend,

I hope you doing well!

If you really would like to know more about whether your services/gigs are in the search results or not then you must hit on Gigs tab on your seller dashboard/account to view your impressions and clicks.

To get impressions and views you need a little bit of steady effort.

In short…

Follow the

  1. Adhere
  2. Share your gigs on social media.
  3. Share your gigs on different forums posting.
  4. Better conversation with all of your friends and clients will help you in this regard.
  5. Optimize you description and relatively make sense to your description and your images
  6. Attract others through your creativity and uplift your skills.
  7. Input you exact keywords/tags that match with your titles or meta titles.

Everything will be alright and Trust yourself and have patience is only key to success.
If you see your impressions and clicks on your Gigs tab section then you probably searching your services in the wrong way.

I hope you would like it.

Happy Earning!


Not sure why you are so upset about.

I just shared my perspective.

And a little insight from some of my experience.

Oh, and by the way, I’m also a Buyer.


Hey Sandra,

this is a common problem for new sellers, you can try to get some jobs through buyer requests. whenever you complete these jobs you will get some reviews which could help with placing on rank. Have you also made sure that the description has the relevant keywords? like my gig is related to “WordPress website” and this is my main keyword, don’t forget to give it. also you have to SEO in your images, also the main keyword will me give in the title.

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I’m sorry I forgot to read here :sweat_smile:

Thank you for your feedback!