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Cant find my GIG!

Hi everyone! I made a new Gig around 2 or 3 days ago.

However i cant seem to find out my Gig in search, i thought its normal that i cant see my own Gig
So, i tried it at incognito and searched my Gig title "I will design a professional album cover"and all i got is other people Gig’s.

If you want to check out my Gig here is the link

Thank you ! =)


I am also facing that same problem :sob::sob:


Gigs must have many ratings to be indexed in local fiverr site searches


It’s like you are trying to search your own number in your phone’s phone book.

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but i saw a few gigs that dont have any ratings but shows up in my searches (?)

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i searched up my gig in new windows with incognito mode , of course it searches anonymously and my fiverr account is logged out

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If you do not have a ranking yet.
Your gigs will be random and appear randomly on the fiverr site.

If you are promoting your gigs elsewhere.
The buyer comes gradually without you mastering the fiverr search algorithm

Wait few days. Fiverr want few days for it