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Cant find my Gigs?

Hi All, I have waited over a week and checked a few times and I cant find my Gigs anywhere? I am located in Australia so it very easy to use the country as a search requirement. When I search I cant see the gig? Makes it near impossible to earn from gigs if no one can find them???
I am I missing something?

Plus the video I uploaded is always processing? Ive deleted it once to try and reset but nothing.

I can only see them if I go directly to my main page


I found your gig by searching for ‘social media manager’ and then setting the location filter to Australia. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great thanks, for some reason it isn’t working for me. So strange just checked again and nothing? Good to know someone can see it lol
Yes your right if you search by that but it wont work if you use the filters only.

I went into the social media management category, then set the filter to Australia, and your gig’s in the newest arrivals section, also in last place in recommended. (no search words, just through the category)


Try searching for it in incognito mode.